Why everyone in the business has a role to play in your marketing

Marketing really is a participation sport - everyone from the CEO to the receptionist has a role to play.

In this video, 9Boxes certified Marketing Strategist, Brooke Chapman explains why you need to develop a company wide marketing culture that positions the customer front and centre.

CLIENT SERVICE: it's about keeping your customers happy and engaged long after the first sale has been reached. Why is it important? ​ Every client needs attention, and servicing an existing client is far easier than selling to a new one. Client Service means remembering to nurture ongoing relationships with customers after the sales process has been completed. ​ What’s best practice

  1. Someone in your business is responsible for prospects when they become clients.

  2. You understand why you’re over- or under-servicing clients.

  3. You regularly review your client engagement strategies.

  4. You always ask: ‘What else can clients buy from us?’

  5. You regularly gather client insights, outside of the sales process.

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