Getting Fit for Purpose

Preparing your business for International Growth

9Boxes Process from mfCEOs

When we say that a business is 'fit for purpose' we mean that it must be ready to achieve a particular outcome.

There are many different perspectives that one could take when applying this definition to your business. For instance, if you were contemplating significant export growth, you need to consider how ready are your critical marketing and sales platforms and capabilities, not mention your:

  • Business processes and procedures

  • IT facilities

  • Logistics and support capabilities

  • Management and governance structures, financial systems and management reporting, and of course

  • The team and their capabilities

As we explore how to GET FIT FOR PURPOSE for export growth, the context for these discussions is our 9Boxes™ Strategic Marketing framework.

As we see it, to be truly Fit for Purpose as an SMB with serious growth aspirations then the most important conversation you should be having within your leadership team is about Strategy not Tactics. Sadly too much marketing ‘chat’ revolves around the collateral your business produces – what do I mean by that? It’s the marketing communication tools your business creates – websites, brochures, flyers, newsletters etc. To us it’s the marketing distraction – they are the tactics, just outputs.

Businesses with strong growth aspirations need a marketing strategy fit to deliver that growth. Its key value propositions need to be well understood by all employees and underpin all macro/market level communications and micro/sales level communications. All marketing tools, both digital and traditional as well as their sales activity need to consistently promote the brand positioning and core values in order to constantly reinforce differentiated propositions and the added value for the customer.

So, ask yourself objectively – is your business at jogger level or are you ready and fit for some serious business sprint activity?

Over 5,000 senior business leaders have benchmarked their businesses using our 9Boxes™ benchmark. Take 15 minutes to complete one for your business.

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