All your employees should be part of your marketing team

Every staff member has the ability to impact a customer

It’s really crucial that you consider them a wider part of your marketing team. If you communicate your position to your internal stakeholders, they can be your most effective cheerleaders. So, when a business begins to have a conversation about Position, what do your people need to understand?

Vision & Values – here’s an example:

● Vision: To change the way businesses engage with strategic marketing

● Values: Confident – bold - education

Market, Service, Product and Price

● The markets it serves

● The service levels it delivers

● The products it provides

● The price it charges

You can use the template below to start building your MSPP choices and here’s an example:

● Market – we serve small and medium businesses

● Service – we build capability in our clients’ business; we teach you what we know

● Products – we look at structured products that give innovative data and allow learning

● Price – we have a subscription pricing strategy

Take a look at our video on POSITION for more information.

What is best practice for POSITION?

1. You’ve developed a market strategy.

2. Your business plan is current and relevant.

3. You know your current market position.

4. You’ve documented your vision and values.

5. Market, service, product and price strategies are all documented.

You need to understand your internal stakeholders and they need to understand your business. They need to know about you – one message does not fit all.

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