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Marketing Camp

A 10 module online course, for business leaders.


Marketing Camp is for ambitious business owners who:

Want to achieve significant and sustainable growth

Lack knowledge of how marketing contributes to revenue

Have only experienced marketing as a tactical function

Want to learn and be confident on getting ROI on marketing spend

Have ‘wasted’ substantial $$ on tactics


Why business leaders should care about marketing


Position is the cornerstone of your strategic marketing. It’s the DNA of your business and guides the other 8 Boxes.


Why is it important?


Position is about understanding your vision and values, your market, service, products and pricing and it leads your marketing strategy.


Capability is your marketing engine room: your people, structures, processes, budgets and resources


Why is it important?


Capability, in a nutshell, is your business’ ability to develop a long-term marketing strategy. It helps deliver a focused and consistent marketing plan that supports your business.


Get Channel right and you’ll be able to measure and track the right ways to reach your customers.

Why is it important?


Channel is how you source new business. It can be third-party relationships, or traditional marketing channels like digital marketing, advertising and PR. Understanding Channel is crucial for revenue generation.


Understand Buyer’s Journey and you’ll influence your customers and turn leads into revenue.

Why is it important?

Buyer’s Journey means understanding why your stakeholders engage with your business. If you understand this, you’re better placed to influence them and convert more leads into revenue.


To connect to your key stakeholders, your Communication tools should be thoughtful, relevant and appropriate

Why is it important?

Communication is about the language, messages and materials your business uses to communicate with your internal and external stakeholders. It’s how your business is understood and perceived by those important to its success.


Nurturing and converting leads takes deep customer relationships. These relationships begin by Starting Conversations.

Why is it important?

Starting Conversations is how you convert leads into your direct source of revenue: sales. Your business needs to understand how your customers buy from you in order to maximise conversion opportunities.


Build strong revenue in your business with the right products and services.

Why is it important?

Product and services are the foundations of your revenue-generating activity. You need to regularly review them – and your competitors – so your business keeps up with changing market conditions.


Identify the right clients to grow your business.

Why is it important?

When you have the wrong clients, it makes relationships difficult. It’s easier and cheaper to find and service clients who suit your business. Not every client is a good fit for your business.


Keep your customers happy and engaged long after the first sale has been reached.

Why is it important?

Every client needs attention, and servicing an existing client is far easier than selling to a new one. Client Service means nurturing ongoing relationships with customers.

If  you want understand how to make better informed decisions around the time and money you invest in marketing, then Marketing Camp is for you.

In our 10 module Marketing Camp you will have access to tutorial videos, tools, thinking, ideas, case studies and actions - with each session ending with an actionable ‘to-do’ list that will make significant improvements to your business’ marketing performance.

If you would like further information and want to receive our regular Marketing Camp updates then sign up here


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