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Customer Insights & Market Data are increasingly linked to business growth

According to Kantar* 78% of over-performing companies (on revenue growth) claim customer centricity is fully embraced by all functions. Only 12% of under-performing companies could claim the same. 70% of B2B marketers say they are finding it harder to differentiate**

*Research conducted by Kantar Vermeer 

**Report: Creating Epic Customer Experiences (Marketo, 2019)

And data from our own 9 Boxes™ management framework benchmark (over 5,000 businesses) reveals that 71% of SMB’s have not asked how or why their clients buy from them.  

Understanding customer needs and your operating market are no longer ‘nice to haves’.

  • They are foundational inputs to business planning and marketing strategy.

  • They are our ‘outside-in’ voice.

  • They can lead to product/service differentiation – vital in increasingly competitive categories and against a backdrop of rising customer expectations.

  • Customer and Market knowledge leads to more confident decision making, likely to also reduce business risk.

As part of our 9 Boxes™ methodology and Strategic Market Assessment process, we are able to identify which customer insight and market data tools are recommended for your business and when.

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How we have used customer insight to help SMB’s


  • Defined their point of difference

  • Created an advantage in the buyer’s journey

  • Understanding of their customers pain points

Medical services

  • Clarified referral relationships

  • Developed stakeholder segmentation

  • Understanding key messages

Food services

  • Clearly defined target customers

  • Defined key channel influencers

  • Sharpened value proposition

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